Leaving Exam Prep

This course is intended for:

Students leaving Secondary school and/or high school students who need to pass the State School Leaving Exam in English (Maturita)

About the course:

  • The course prepares students for a new form of the State School Leaving Exam in English which is equivalent to a B1 Intermediate level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • The course is intended for those who really want to get fully prepared for the State Leaving Exam in English.
  • Students will be ready to face challenging situations, answer questions and do exercises that are part of the State School Leaving Exam. Students will be well prepared for all three parts of the State School Leaving Exam – Speaking, Grammar (2 subtests – reading and listening) and Writing.
  • Students will get all the information they need about the exam, its organization and its content.
  • The course includes exercises on thematic issues, listening exercises and practice tests.
  • The lecturers are available at all times for support.

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