Business Seminars

Business English Intensive Seminar

The course consists of several hours of lecture, question and answer sessions, role play, and fun exercises. American-style lunch is included in the price of the course and this meal will be used as part of an American business meeting exercise.

The tuition for the course includes lunch and learning materials.

The business English seminar is a one-day, 9 hour course (including a working lunch hour) and is usually held on a Saturday at our school. However, we can agree on both a date and a location.

Business Writing Seminar Part 1 and Part 2

The course is divided into two parts: Business Writing 1, and Business Writing 2. The pre-requisite for Business Writing 2 is Business Writing 1. The course is designed for intermediate to advanced speakers of English. Business 1 will cover the memo and letter format on topics such as summaries, meeting minutes, audience analysis, reports, definitions, research, abstracts, promotions, CV/Resumes and cover letters. Business 2 will cover letters of rejection, delivering bad news, letters of complaint, evaluations, recommendations, business plans, proposals, and presentations. The course will teach and provide practice in business writing aimed for proficiency in the business world.

Both parts are just quick reviews and last for 4 hours each. We also have business writing classes divided into two full 18-week courses and you can read more about those courses here.

For further information about these courses and about prices, please contact one of our advisors or visit our list of language courses here.