KG Process Innovations, s.r.o.

• Lessons are taught by highly qualified teachers, which fits perfectly to our employees’ needs

• Absolute flexibility, reliability, and communication is between us and CA Institute of Languages is great

• All documents are completed in the appropriate form and are submitted without any troubles and are always on time

• CA Institute of Languages is regularly monitoring the feedback, our requirements are handled immediately

Vepak s.r.o., Brno

• Lessons with a native speaker who has a good knowledge of the Czech language is a guarantee for the successful progress in our studies

• All requirements are solved to satisfy everyone

• Regular and punctual


• The lessons are individual, very good and tailored to meet our requirements

• The school always meets my time requirements

• The teachers is always interested in my language needs

3dot a.s.

CA Institute of Languages is the only school where I have met so many native speakers

• the lessons go together with the common social conversation

• combination of the homework and lessons in small groups enables a big progress

• I like the complexity of the lessons, audio, films, music as well as lot of activities out of the lessons

• very friendly and family environment in any situation

• we are very satisfied and recommend it to everybody


• The lessons are interesting overall which is linked to real life practice that is useful for work. The lecturer not only uses textbook but also brings in supplementary material and gives assignments such as having students do presentations and business articles that are related to our field that help to improve our English where needed in a natural way.

• The lessons are well organized and the lesson contains all the needed material and information. I really appreciated the “Welcome Pack” that was given in the first hour which informed me about the history of the school, the course syllabus and course options.

• Very pleasant school environment and staff

• The classrooms are well equipped and comfortably furnished

• The feedback is great and the lecturer gives concrete examples and pays attention to each student individually.

Marie M.

• The classes are perfect and it is tailored according to my needs and abilities

• The lessons are always interesting

• I get all the material at school

• There is always a feedback / reflection which help in my personal development


• High quality lecturers

• Well structured lessons that include a bit of everything (grammar, speaking, word order and vocal, listening…)

• If there was ever anything I needed, I got it. Professional team.

• Our teahcer is always well organized and prepared!

• Love your lemon water ☺

Marek Z.

• Higly qualified teachers, I feel like I improved a lot, all lessons are tailored to suit my needs, perfect system of teaching

• Perfect reliability, flexibility, pleasant communication

• Comfortable environment, lots of information

• The sharing of information is at a high level

• Immediate solution to problem areas

Martin S.

• I make progress, after each lesson, everything is explained well and logicly

• “Delivery of the lessons to one’s home“ works perfectly

• The lessons run in newly equipped classrooms

• So far, there hasn’t been any reason to complain!

Michaela S.

• High quality of lessons and the teachers are great

• The organization of our lessons is perfect

Leoš S.

• It meets my expectations, I am constantly making progress

• The organization of our lessons is all right

• School facilities – everything is all right. I feel at home here. The atmosphere is friendly.

• I haven’t had any negative experiences

Pavel K.

• The quality of the teacher is reflected in good results and the methodology used brings good results

• The courses are always well organized

• HD projector, computers, library, WiFi, tidiness, enough refreshments, garage parking

• I do not have any bad experiences and comments, I am satisfied and content

Kateřina K.

• I have already tried a lot of language schools, but the approach of the teachers at CA Institute of Languages is unique and the most friendly that I have ever experienced. Thanks to them I make unbelievable progress.

• The school is very responsive and meets our rquirements and needs

• Equipped in a very modern way, WiFi, parking place in the school building, refreshments, friendly atmosphere

• A school without any problems

Pavla M.

• Very effective methods of teaching, rapid progress in English language skills after attending these classes

• The whole team at CA Institute of Languages perfectly organized our courses

• Modern equipment, WiFi, parking place, refreshment, everything is provided

• I do not have any negative comments, everything is without problems

Radka S.

• The quality of the teachers is excellent

• The lessons go according to my requirements

• Everything that I need is methodically explained to me

• Good communication

• The classroom facilities and equipment are sufficient

Mariya Z.

• The lessons are regular. I make a progress. The quality of the teacher meets my needs.

• The communication with the language school representatives is perfect.

• The classrooms are well equipped, everything is clean, enough information in the classrooms and library.

• Friendly approach

Natalia K.

• Every lesson has an interesting topic with new useful vocabulary

Petra J.

• Lessons are very easy going. I enjoy them very much. Erik is the best native teacher I´ve ever met. I´ve been attending English courses for more than 10 years and I´ve tried also some abroad – which made me more and more demanding – Pity I didn´t decide to come here earlier.

Leoš R.

• Perfect. I improved my English a lot.

• Chris is OK. I learned a different type of English (British).

Michaela R.

• A lot of practice of common phrases and situations in every day life.

Harriet C.C.

• Going for English lessons at CA Institute of Languages is better than going to my school.

Kateřina T.

• Erik is the best teacher ever and I can´t wait to attend my lessons because I have a lot of fun and I learn a lot. I recommend CA Institute of Languages to all my friends.

Zděnek N.

• The topics and vocabulary of the lessons meet my needs perfectly.

Martin K.

• I am very content with my lessons. If I study more at home, I could probably speak like a native speaker.

Pavel M.

• Chris teaches in an interesting way. He holds his lessons with an approach to different topics during his lessons (travelling, shopping etc.)

Petra K.

• The lessons are interesting. My English skills are constantly improving.

Rostislav K.

• The lessons are interesting. I use the new knowledge at work.